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Symbolic Integration and Differentiation using MATLAB

While messing with MATLAB during free time I have found the method (thanks to MATLAB documentation) of performing symbolic integration and differentiation using MATLAB. And also the proper way to display a function in MATLAB command line. In this small article I am going to share my experience on symbolic integration and differentiation using MATLAB.

Representing a function as reader friendly format

Take an example function f(x) as,


We can input our function to MATLAB as follows.


You can clearly see that ‘x’ is a symbolic object and f(x) is a symbolic function. Say If you need to evaluate f(x) at x = 10; that is f(10) then it’s simply;


However this equation and answer representation is bit annoying. Therefore by using the command ‘pretty’ we can display this in more readable format in MATLAB command line.


Now let’s have a look how the symbolic differentiation is performed.

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