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I am Thilina Sameera from Sri Lanka. I completed my undergraduate studies on Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Moratuwa. Currently, I am working as a Lecturer at the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa.


  1. All the best bro. Keep it going 🙂

    Comment by Shamika | 2010 November 21 | Reply

    • I need one matlab code for leaf image with feedforward neural network
      awaiting for your reply

      Comment by Nithiyanandhan | 2014 May 28 | Reply

  2. එළ එළ කොල්ලෝ ඔහොම යමු…

    Comment by අකිල | 2010 November 25 | Reply

  3. good work machan

    Comment by ශානක ශෂිමාල් | 2011 December 5 | Reply

  4. Hello Thilina
    I read your blog, it is very informative. I also developed one model using simulink for image proessing. But there is some problem, I am getting black image at video viewer. In siulink, when I read the image, searilize it again deserilize the image and check it on video viewer, it works fine. But when I connect Xilinx Black Box for my vhdl code along wiht Gateway In and Gateway out block, I get only black image. My vhdl code is only read the serilized pixel and send out the same to Gateway out.
    For check, I removed black box any keep my original siulink model with only Gateway In and Gateway Out, still it is not working. Where could be the problem? Is any special setting is required? Hope you will convey me the solution.


    Comment by Ravi | 2012 January 2 | Reply

  5. Any MATLAB experts or let me know where I can find best place doing MATLAB projects?
    I’m interested in doing:
    1. Guided Rover using MATLAB – MATLAB, ImageProcessing, 8051Mc, RS232
    2. Multi Camera Surveillance System – by MERL

    Could you please help me?

    Comment by Suraj | 2012 January 14 | Reply

  6. Hi Thilina
    I would to say thank you for your blog ,but would you please to ask you if I can use Spartan 6 in my project ,I intend to do image processing (clustering) in FPGA (kmean cluster).
    Than you alot

    Comment by lotus | 2012 March 13 | Reply

  7. I have problems with adjusting image contrast. Thank you so much for your program. It helps me a lot, but I still have problem. I tried with contrast stretching and brightness decreasing, but the obtained contrast doesn’t allow me to see the brain aneurysm from reading DICOM file. Can I ask you for help, please!
    Thank you so much!

    Comment by Nina Philipova | 2012 April 5 | Reply

    • Hi.,
      Can you send me (if can an email) the image/link and some simple description on what exactly you need, maybe I can help, Thank you very much for the comment.

      Comment by Thilina S. | 2012 April 19 | Reply

  8. Hi

    Your post regarding panaromic imaging is very informative. I applied your code for the images.
    But the result which i got is the concatenated version of two images.

    Could you share me the appropriate code for panaromic imaging with phase correlation.
    My email id is

    Awaiting for your response.

    Comment by karthik | 2012 July 13 | Reply

  9. Hello

    I have tried your Real time streaming image simulink model , but i always have a black screen coming on the video viewer, is it possible to send your email address so that i can mail you d simulink model and you can check it yourself and let me know where is the issue.

    Will really appreciate it . Waiting for your response.

    My Email

    Comment by amith khandakar | 2012 November 17 | Reply

  10. Hello Thilini, I am current working on my final year project and i need to design an isolated dc-to-dc converter (flyback) along with its controller. Can you help me build it on MATLAB/Simulink? or atleast give me a general idea. Thanks. waiting for your reply.
    Email :

    Comment by Neela Sarker | 2013 February 12 | Reply

  11. Hii Thilina
    Keep it up

    Comment by Lovepreet | 2015 July 29 | Reply

  12. Hii Thilina. Your blog is so informative.
    I’m doing my final year project on super resolution of images. One of the steps in my algorithm requires bicubic interpolation. I have a problem in implementing this particular block. Please mail the full code of bicubic interpolation in matlab.
    I would be so thankful if it works as soon as possible.
    my mail id is

    Comment by sneha | 2015 August 31 | Reply

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