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Setting up MATLAB with Atlys Spartan 6 FPGA for Hardware Co-simulation

In my previous articles I discussed how to perform a hardware co-simulation using MATLAB, by using Digilent Atlys Spartan 6 FPGA development kit. But many of my colleagues had the problem of setting up MATLAB for Hardware co-simulation. With a help of a friend of mine, we managed to configure MATLAB for hardware co-simulation. In this short article I am going to share my experience on setting up MATLAB for hardware co-simulation with Atlys Spartan 6 Development Kit.

First of all you need to download Atlys plug-in from Xilix website. Go to this URL and download Lab source files.



Extract the Zip archive. Then Extract file.


Copy the content to

[Xilinx Installation Directory]\1X.X\ISE_DS\ISE\sysgen\plugins\compilation\Hardware Co-Simulation


As you can see in the picture given below, when you double click on system generator block, Atlys board will appear in the target device list of Simulink.


Now your MATLAB is ready for hardware co simulation. You can find how to perform hardware co-simulation using my previous article. Thank you very much for reading.

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  1. Good work documenting this! I have been trying “targetinstaller” and getting no where.

    Comment by Bharath Bhushan Lohray | 2012 December 16 | Reply

  2. appreciate it .. haven’t tried yet but soon .. thanks in advance

    Comment by ProX | 2013 May 30 | Reply

  3. please what is your matlab version and ise desin tool ?

    Comment by marko | 2013 October 26 | Reply

  4. Hello sir, your articles are very informative Ia very much impressed, We are working on talys Spartan 6 lx45 kit,
    We couldn’t find the lab source file that u had mentioned above , could u please provide me the files, and one more doubt is about black box , how to add v file with multiple modules?
    Thanking you,

    Comment by Ravi Kishore | 2014 April 22 | Reply

  5. Im not able to find the atlys_board_plungs.rar file on the Xilinx website, can you upload it ?

    Comment by Jan Bjorge | 2014 April 26 | Reply

  6. Hi Thilina Sameera,
    Please let me know how to Setting up MATLAB with BASYS2 Spartan 3E FPGA for Hardware Co-simulation…

    Comment by Anishkumar | 2014 July 21 | Reply

  7. Hi, I´m Adrián fron Argentina, I´m doing a PhD and I need your help about Co-Simulations. Thanks, Mi mail is

    Comment by Adrián | 2015 December 2 | Reply

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