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Switch Mode Power Supplies MATLAB simulation 1.0

When dealing with switch mode power supply design, we faced a problem in simulating SMPS circuits since most of simulation software is not flexible with simulating circuits which has tapped transformers. We face this problem specially on simulating isolated switch mode converters such as fly-back converter.

MATLAB simulink SimPowerSystems block set gives a best solution in simulating switch mode power supplies. From this article I’ll work on design a buck converter works on continuous mode and another in discontinuous mode with calculations and to implement both on MATLAB simulink.

Design Problem


Design switch mode power supply (a buck converter) for Input voltage 30V, output voltage 20V and with 100µH of storage element for,

1. 100W resistive load,

2. 20W resistive load

Find pulse width D for 20 KHz of pulse frequency.


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